Make your contribution to the creation in Europe  a museum of destroyed Russian military weapons

Museum of Victory over Despotism

Through this project, we want to show the world that the fight against despotism is a common global goal to strengthen peace and remove the threat of destruction of our civilization.

Mission and goals of the project


Debunking the centuries-old lies of despotic Russia, which for centuries has built its history on lies, violence, distortion of historical heritage and appropriation of other people's lands and cultural values.

With this project, we want to show the world that the fight against despotism is a common global goal, to strengthen peace and remove the threat of the destruction of our civilization.

The Museum of the Future!
We believe that the world's first museum project of the future will not only tell about the inevitable victory of the civilized world over the despotism that reigns on 1/6 of the globe. We are debunking the fakes and myths about Russia that have been flooding the country for the past 700 years. It is these fakes and myths that Russian despotism is now using as an information weapon of mass destruction, no less dangerous than nuclear weapons. Our task is to neutralize this weapon as soon as possible.


Visualization of war

Visualize the horror of the current war with the help of real exhibits and virtual reality.


Debunking myths

To debunk Russian historical myths about a great and invincible Russia. To show that Russia is not a great country, but an ordinary terrorist despot.


Information warfare

Fighting the waves of information lies coming from Russian political technologists.


Confidence in victory

To strengthen the confidence of the world community in our inevitable victory in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

About the project "Museum of Victory over Despotism"

In August 2022, the Polish-Ukrainian Foundation's "Museum of Victory over Despotism" was registered in Poland. The public of Ukraine and Poland understands the need to create a museum of victory over Russia in Europe. The defeated Russian military equipment should be exhibited in a museum in Europe on a permanent basis. In addition, there will be an interactive exhibition on the territory of the museum.

The museum will be located  near the savior city of Rzeszów. The total area of the land plot to be leased to the Foundation is 50 ar. The museum's exhibits can be placed on this plot. This plot of land can accommodate a building with an interactive exhibition and exhibits like tanks, helicopters, self-propelled artillery, howitzers, rocket launchers, infantry fighting vehicles, etc.

Why is the museum in Poland now

In the future, after the Victory, this museum will enjoy the constant attention of the world community, at the same level as the museums of the Second World War in Europe, and will serve as a warning to all those who will try to follow the path of despotism.

information war

Russia's information war with Ukraine and Europe is intense and continuous. The main object of this war lately has been Europe as a whole and Poland in particular. In Europe, Poland is the country that is most committed to supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression.Recently, we can observe the rapid growth of Russian disinformation about Poland and Europe as a whole, both in quantitative and qualitative terms.


Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine sent the destroyed equipment on a tour of Europe. Significant interest of EU citizens in getting acquainted with such a mobile exhibition showed the need to create a stationary museum. This museum will not only regularly demonstrate destroyed Russian equipment, but also hold international events aimed at familiarizing Europeans with the real state of affairs in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The Neighborhood of freedom and despotism

The name of the museum was suggested by the book by Andrzej Nowak: "Poland and Russia. The Neighbourhood of Freedom and Despotism X - XXI Centuries". Russia is now a concentrated manifestation of despotism in the 21st century. It is inevitable that the common values of world civilization will triumph over this despotism. That is why, for the first time in  world practice, such a museum is created not at the end but in the midst of the Russian-Ukrainian war, to support

Russia is a country of despots

You can still hear in the media that the Russian-Ukrainian war is partly a civil war between two "brotherly" peoples. The existence of such museum in fraternal Poland will emphasize that the Ukrainian people are brothers with Poland and not with Russia. Russia is a despotic country throughout its existence

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letters and documents

Letters to the Government and the President of the Republic of Poland

Location of the museum

The museum will be located  not far from the savior city of Rzeszów. The total area of the land plot to be leased to the Foundation is 50 acres. This area can accommodate the required number of exhibits for the museum.

Number and location of museum exhibits

The area of the land plot allows to place on it an administrative building, a cafe, a house with an interactive exhibition and the following exhibits:


Self-propelled unit





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project team

Project leadership
Mikhailo Strelnikov
Head of the Board

Head of the NGO "Fingramota Ukraine" Human rights activist, bank audit expert, owner of the law firm "Nicholas" Co-founder of the movement "Credit Maidan"

Nikolay Klinkov
CMO, partnership and fundraising

Marketing Director, financial expert with professional experience of more than 10 years, ex-head of CB "Interbank", expert in the development of small and medium-sized businesses, business consultant of the international company CROWE

Yulia Strelnikova
Partnership and fundraising

Volunteer, Public Relations Specialist, Specialist in logistics and delivery of humanitarian aid

Exhibition of Russian military equipment destroyed by Ukrainian soldiers near Kyiv in the Ukrainian-Russian war.

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National Deputy of Ukraine L. Kozachenko
Leaflet to Minister of Defence of Ukraine Reznikov O. Yu.
Letter from the Chairman of the Museum Foundation Victory over Despotism by Mikhail Strelnikov to the public